sshong发表于2007年5月21日 09:28:00 更新于2007年5月21日 09:31:00
Today is the birday of my motherschool(Alma Mater)-zhejiang University of 110.Since 1897,Zhejiang university have walked through hardship hopeness glory and focus(attention).To me,you just like a lightening pharos(灯塔),give me the direction,the stength to carry on.Sincerely Happy birthday to you,Z...
sshong发表于2007年5月18日 22:48:00 更新于2007年5月18日 22:50:00
Now,let's have a orientation for the incoming days estimation(budget).Hehe,just a word game for the join of the words i've learned these days.Today,in China,everybody is familiar with the phrase:harmonious society,then,let's have a close-up of harmony.with a genuine hamony.there won't be so many ...
sshong发表于2007年5月17日 23:28:00 更新于2007年5月17日 23:30:00
As time flying away,i really calm down my spirit,with a great tense for my future,what can i do,where can i go,how about my family and my girlfriend, can i be a useful man for this society? With such profound questions ,i was completetly wore out.Did past and present generations thought about suc...
sshong发表于2007年5月15日 22:56:00 更新于2007年5月15日 22:56:00
Ah,the plan of english diary grind to a halt... hehe,just go on.In the morning,with a short coversation with the professionals from shanghai gangji corporation then say farewell to them. In the evening i suddenly realize that i just have 4 days left for the english test,oh,how time flies,i have t...
sshong发表于2007年5月13日 23:54:00 更新于2007年5月14日 00:02:00
Oh,i live out the goals of writting english diary,haha. Today is a really busy day and i am entirely worn out. In the morning i was just model scope-transform structure of the gate-seat crane, and afternoon we had a conversation about Tomorrow's meeting, in the night i first sat down together wit...
sshong发表于2007年5月13日 00:02:00 更新于2007年5月14日 23:33:00
Today is the first day that i perform the plan of writing english diaries.With a little tension,the keyboard is knocked.On 5.20,The examination of master english is going,
wish i can pass it favoringly,ok ,today,just stop here.
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